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Rebecca Hansel began at Bost in 2002 through a temporary service, working weekends with a young lady in a wheelchair.  She would come in Saturday morning and leave Monday morning.  A friend of hers, who worked with the same young lady, let her know of the job and thought that she would be a good fit for the young lady.  After a year working through the temporary service, Rebecca was hired full-time at Bost.


Rebecca has always wanted to help people and has always had a heart of compassion.  Rebecca was there for her grandparents and very close to her cousin with Down Syndrome.  When she was a hairdresser, she would go to the nursing homes to help the little old ladies with their hair and she always did her grandmother’s hair.  Rebecca was always compassionate, always an ear to listen, has always been a caregiver.  She said her work at Bost was meant to be.


Rebecca was glad to see the services offered in Arkansas for individuals with disabilities, because there wasn’t anything like that where she is from in Texas.  Rebecca now works with Shebbie Eubanks, and more than that, he and Rebecca are a team and a family.  She didn’t realize that would be the case when she began working at Bost.  The first individual was a weekend job, which she took care of and went home.  When it became a full-time job, she got more involved.  She saw more involvement in the community and with Special Olympics.  She helped in the office as a team leader and also worked in personal care.  She loved seeing how much Bost did in the community.


Bost has changed her life.  Rebecca has grown through seeing all the things that might be taken for granted where those we serve might struggle or need help or advocacy.  Shebbie’s biggest dream when she began working with him was having his own home.  He went from group homes to apartments with a roommate but now lives in his own 3-bedroom, 2 bath house with a garage!  He enjoys not having to share a bathroom or common spaces, having someone eat his food, or make messes he has to clean up!


Rebecca would like more people knew that Bost gives those we serve the opportunity to grow, be able to do things they want to do, and achieve their dreams.  Shebbie has always had the opportunity to do what he wanted to do.  There was no one telling him no.  Case Managers and Coordinators did all they could to help him see his dream of being in his own place.  He has been able be very active with Special Olympics.  Rebecca feels that as long as you are talking and communication with your team, they are there to see things come true.  Nothing, including his age of 75, has kept Shebbie from doing the things he wants to do.


The best part of Rebecca’s workday is seeing Shebbie and so many others enjoying their lives!  Seeing them get out, have fun and not sit at home in front of the tv or on the porch watching cars go by, makes it all worthwhile.  Shebbie recently got to go on an airplane for the first time to participate in Special Olympics in Washington State.  He was recognized on television for being the oldest athlete there!


Shebbie loves traveling with Rebecca to Texas to see family.  He likes to go to the cowboy shops to pick up new cowboy apparel.  Rebecca’s family has adopted Shebbie as their own, he even has his own room at Rebecca’s mother’s house.  When Rebecca first began working with Shebbie, his family was a little upset because they would call or try to come by and visit but he wasn’t ever home.  They finally realized that it was a GOOD thing to have Shebbie out in the community living his life and having fun!  They see his picture in the paper and call him to tell him how proud they are.  The fact that Rebecca keeps him up and going is now seen as a good thing and truly helpful in keeping Shebbie young.  Many people in the community comment on how polite and kind Shebbie is but that is due to how his mother raised him.


Rebecca and Shebbie love volunteering in the community together and helping others.  They volunteer at Grape Escapes every year.  They help out at the ARC with art classes, bowling, dances, and swim parties.  They also volunteer within Bost to help with parties and events.  Any time there is a volunteer opportunity, they love to be there.


Rebecca summed up her feelings by saying, “I love my job, I love Bost.”

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