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Both influenza and COVID are highly contagious viruses. Seasonal flu and the coronavirus can result in serious illness, hospitalization, and death. The U.S. is currently experiencing a “twindemic” of COVID and influenza during the 2022-2023 flu season. You can help keep yourself and others safe by getting a flu shot and a COVID vaccine, and by following these guidelines. The first step is understanding how to avoid spreading flu / COVID and knowing how they spread. Most often, they spread from one person to another through droplets released during a cough or sneeze. Remember to cover a cough and/or sneeze to reduce the spread of droplets.

 Getting a flu and COVID vaccination is the single best way to protect yourself and others. Everyone six months of age and older is eligible to receive a seasonal flu vaccine. While getting a vaccination is the best to way to prevent catching flu and COVID, washing your hands is the best way to prevent spreading the virus. Wash your hands frequently during the day using soap and warm water. Avoid touching your face as much as possible. While hand washing is key to stopping the spread of flu and COVID after touching common surfaces, it is also helpful to disinfect those surfaces frequently. Paper towels and disinfectant wipes are preferable over sponges and dishcloths which often just spread germs around. Wash bedding frequently during flu season on a high temperature setting. It is important to know the symptoms of the flu and COVID, stay home and all your doctor for medical advice for treating the symptoms.

It is not too late to receive a flu / COVID vaccination and in combination with hand washing, covering your cough, and getting plenty of rest, you can reduce your risk of getting flu and COVID this holiday season.

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