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Independence. Empowerment. Setting goals for a brighter future.

These are three things BOST and Regions Bank’s financial education programs promote. So, it was a seamless fit when the two organizations recently joined forces to deliver financial education workshops to 56 BOST clients in Fort Smith and Dardanelle. The two virtual financial education sessions, the latest collaboration of a nearly 30-year community partnership between BOST and Regions, were presented as part of the bank’s commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion for people with disabilities in Arkansas and beyond.

“Making wise financial decisions is one of the first steps on the road to independent living,” said Kathy Lovell, disability services and outreach manager for Regions. “It also empowers people with disabilities with the ability to live life to their fullest potential. We believe that delivering financial education programs to our nonprofit partners and their clients provides shared value to our community and supports our core values of doing what is right and making life better for all.”

Lovell and Cecilia Bailey, community engagement financial education manager at Regions, delivered the Money Basics for Life and Managing Your Money presentations. Money Basics for Life is a new module specifically developed for people with disabilities. Both sessions are part of Regions Next Step, a comprehensive financial wellness program for children, students and adults that includes seminars, virtual courses and a website filled with free resources and addressing topics ranging from budgeting to savings to retirement and more. Regions’ Next Step articles, worksheets, podcasts and other resources are available to everyone. Best of all: they’re free.

During the two training sessions, BOST clients learned practical applications to assist them with their unique, personalized banking needs, something BOST work development coordinator Rhonda Jones found especially valuable.

“These sessions provided the clients we serve with a first-hand look at how banking works for them,” said Jones. “The conversation included how money is used and saved, how to obtain credit and safeguards to put in place to avoid identity theft. Despite being virtual, the format offered participants an interactive opportunity to ask questions and receive real-time responses from experienced banking professionals. I had several consumers tell me they learned things about money they didn’t know. I believe our BOST clients greatly benefitted from this training.”

It’s something Lovell, Bailey and the entire banking team in Fort Smith look forward to providing to BOST clients again in the future – because achieving independence, empowerment and goals requires regular focus.

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