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Rhonda Jones, ADC & Work Development

Question:  How long have you been with Bost?

I have worked for Bost this time a little over 20 years.

Question:  How did you first get involved with Bost, and what sparked that interest?

My involvement with Bost started when I went to work in the Preschool Program. I wanted to work with children and play a part in getting them ready for public school.

Question:  What has surprised you most about working with Bost?

The thing that has surprised me the most is the life long relationships I have develop with others.

Question:  What do you wish other people knew about Bost?

I wish they knew the true mission of Bost, which is to empower the people we serve. So many times whether it is in Children’s Services or Adult Services, I hear people refer to the services provided as Day Care. Bost is so much more. The real purpose is to give individuals the tools necessary to be the best they can be and doing whatever is necessary to help them succeed.

Question:  What’s the best thing that has happened since you started working with Bost?

The best thing that has happened since I started working with Bost has been seeing the growth that has taken place. Bost has expanded to offer additional services when the need for a new service was recognized and to offer these services in more places.

Question:  What do you hope will be different about the world we live in as a result of what you do here?

I hope the world will begin to see people for their ability and their value. I believe Bost is about empowering the individuals we serve and helping them to develop confidence to succeed.

Rhonda’s supervisor, James Maginot, has this to say about her, “Rhonda epitomizes the mission of Bost. She has formed long standing relationships with those we serve, their families, and members of the community for a very long time. She can tell you who is dating who, what happened last weekend, and the life changing event that happened 20 years ago. She knows all of this because she takes the time to know her people. She knows all of this because she cares…. She is never in her office because she is always out and about, interacting with her consumers and supporting her staff. The best word to describe Rhonda is Inclusion. Inclusion is when you are missed when you are not there. Rhonda promotes inclusion in everything she does and she is what makes Bost the place it is.”

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