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Many times, while talking with Mrs. Ricki she has stated she does what she does because she loves Danny and wants him to have the Best Life he can. She says that they have been given a Second chance and she is going to do all she can to make sure he lives his life to the fullest, whether it be going on vacation, to get together with friends, or church parties she makes sure Danny is always there and never has to miss a thing. Mrs. Ricki started with Bost in 2017 when Danny started his journey in Waiver. I would like for the everyone to see the light that Mrs. Ricki shines thru the constant loving care that she provides. She is always smiling and has an uplifting word for you. She never thinks of her position as a job but as a calling to care and love for the one who needs her most. She doesn’t care if a task takes hours or minutes it is all done with the upmost care. No matter what is ask of her she is always there to say she will help in any way possible, she is always at work and carries out her duties as an RHA with the most care and precision. Mrs. Ricki Distin is Bost!!!

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