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The GFWC – Junior Civic League of Fort Smith has been a vital part of the Fort Smith community since 1942.  The local women’s club is dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.  Why is Bost bringing this information to you?  Because the ladies of the Junior Civic League were instrumental in the creation of Bost and its support since that time.  These ladies believed with Dr. Bost, that children with disabilities could learn and grow, becoming more independent throughout their lives.  They took action, going door-to-door to local businesses, literally hat in hand, to raise money to make the Bost School for Limited Children happen.  These ladies, though formidable on their own, are part of a worldwide organization, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs or GFWC.

Their website reads, “GFWC members, from ages 12 to 102, live in cities, suburbs, and rural communities around the globe. They are professional women, students, stay-at-home moms, and retirees, united by a shared commitment to volunteer community service.”  I can attest to that fact, as I am a proud member.  The ladies of the local group have been a joy to work with throughout my time at Bost so when the opportunity arose to join, I said yes.  I have been given the chance to volunteer in my community through local non-profits, opportunities seen by other members, suggestions from contacts, and general interest from one or more members in a particular area.

I have made friends that I will cherish for my entire life.  I have not only worked, but talked, rejoiced, laughed, and mourned with the ladies of the JCL.  Through this group, I have met people in my community that I would not have had the chance to otherwise.  These ladies come out to help with fundraisers, for Bost and others, and whether their task be small or large, they do it with joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces.

I would encourage you to learn more about the GFWC – and our local chapter.  If you decide you would like to join an amazing volunteer group of clubwomen, who often give to Bost and others in our community, please reach out to me, Jeanne Hill, at  We’d LOVE to have you!

But don’t just take my word for it!

When asked about her participation with the JCL, Lori Burton, member since 1990, said “I guess you could say that I’m a cradle GFWC JCL member.  Being a member of JCL is part of who I am.  My membership has provided me several opportunities to do things with my mom (Mary Ann Arnold.) I have learned a lot about BOST and other community as well as National organizations because of my involvement in JCL.  I have also met some amazing people and created lifetime friendships.  Volunteerism is something I learned through my parents. I’m not sure how to explain it but there is something very satisfying about being a part of an organization which helps others.”

Debbie Hall, JCL member since 1984, recalls, “My favorite time of Red Stocking Revue was working at the set shop upstairs at the manufacturing building (Foster) and seeing all the clients served by Bost busy at work or attending classes and having lunch in the cafeteria with them.  It was such a good time.”

Mary Ann Arnold shared, “As a 44 year member of the GFWC Junior Civic League, I am always amazed at how our club members continue to respond to volunteerism whenever asked. Our support for Bost is ongoing and will continue as long as the club exists. It is my honor to say that I am a member of this wonderful organization and able to offer my time when needed.”

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