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“Whodunnit?” The ACTS (Acting Creates Therapeutic Success) program in conjunction with ArTs at Bost and The ACHE OT Program put on a fantastic performance of The Great Diamond Heist on August 29th, 2023, at the ACHE Research Institute Health and Wellness Center. The Bost/ACHE cast and Chris R. created the script, chose set design and props and costumes for the play with help from the ACHE OT students (Stevie B., Trent G. Alair L., Brynn S., and Taylor W.)  Crew included Elizabeth LeQuieu, Krista Cox, Birdie McClellon, and LaDawna Dillman. Dr. Jennifer Moore from the ACHE OT Program and creator of ACTS directed the program.

The Great Diamond Heist Synopsis: The Great ACTS Diamond is on display at the Fort Smith Museum to celebrate the 100th anniversary! Will the Barling Bandits steal the show or will Fort Smith’s finest foil the heist and save the day?

            The actors were a true cast of characters! From the Museum Director to Captain of the Titanic, the Bost actors filled many roles playing their characters to perfection. Highlights of the performance included Katrina N. as the Museum Director, Stephanie K. as docent applicant. Joseph S. as the lead detective and narrator, Jenny F. as a detective, Todd D. as a bandit. DeWayne Z. as “DeWayne the Detonator” and a special performance by Tennyson M. as the “Troublemaker.” Coco A. as “Crime Boss”. Billy K. as Captain Billy and Batman. Eddie A. as Weightlifter and Ninja Turtle and Olivia R. as Hulk and American Gothic.

            The hilarious mood of the play was set from the very beginning with the exciting scene Watch Carefully and continued throughout the performance with the scheming in Bandit’s Plan and the great monologue in This is the City.  The fun continued with the hilarious vignettes from the Art Museum. The amusement continued with the explosions in Third Time’s the Charm. The Arrest was a humorous ending to the play. Props and costumes added to the scenes in unique and fun ways and included everything from pitchforks to handcuffs. The costumes were creative, including several famous paintings, police officers and even a nod to Michael Jackson. The set design was minimal to keep the focus on the actors (though they did manage to recreate an art museum and police station on stage.) The music and sound effects added extra excitement to the program including songs such as “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson.

The Great Diamond Heist was an immense success with many cast members indicating enjoyment from participating in the program and many of the actors want to continue participation and some individuals who watched the play want to join the next session. The Great Diamond Heist was played in front of a full house with approximately 150 people attending the show. Numerous audience members expressed their enjoyment of the play and there were enthusiastic responses to the show. We hope that everyone had a fantastic time, and we can’t wait to see everyone at the next show on April 2nd, 2024!

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