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A great piece of Bost’s mission is to enable adults with limitations to develop vocational and work-readiness skills.  

The Bost Adult Day and Work Development Center, located in the Marilyn Foster Vocational Complex at 7701 South Zero Street in Fort Smith and 4029 S. Arkansas in Russellville, provides a variety of learning opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. 

Staying true to Bost’s mission of achieving independence and learning opportunities, the Adult Day and Work Development Center offers the opportunity to acquire greater knowledge in:  

  • Home Living Skills (Fort Smith & Russellville)
  • Health & Hygiene Skills (Fort Smith & Russellville)
  • Time & Money Skills (Fort Smith & Russellville)
  • Socialization/Communication Skills (Fort Smith & Russellville)
  • Inter-personal Skills (Fort Smith & Russellville)
  • Work Development (Fort Smith)
  • Job Placement (Fort Smith)
  • Supported Employment (Fort Smith)   

The individuals learn from staff how to interact appropriately in all types of everyday situations.  The Adult Day and Work Development Center encourages the individuals to take responsibiltiy for their own actions and to have respect for themselves and others.    


The ADC accepts individuals age 18 to 21 that have a high school diploma or certificate of completion. For individuals over the age of 21, this is no longer a requirement. All individuals must have been diagnosed with one or more of the following before the age of 22:  intellectual disability (Full Scale IQ 70 or below), cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Down syndrome, epilepsy or autism spectrum disorder. Conversely, a person who has a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, spina bifida, or Down syndrome does not have to have an intellectual disability to receive services. The other requirements are a copy of the last psychological done after age 18, a prescription from physician, a current physical, and active Arkansas Medicaid. 

The ADC also offers Work Development in Fort Smith. The Work Development Program currently requires individuals to meet the same requirements as outlined for ADC Services except they must be at least 25 and can be included for one or more days in the individual’s program plan (IPP). This program allows individuals to work and learn job skills through actual paid work experience with the ultimate goal of gaining community employment.  Bost Work Development pays individuals based on section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which allows individuals to be paid a piece rate. Bost uses MODAPTS to figure piece rate, which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as a preferred system for developing fair work standards for rehabilitation facilities. The name MODAPTS is derived from “MODular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards.  

Some referral sources for ADC/Work Development Services are:   

  • Arkansas Rehabiliation Services (ARS)
  • Doctors
  • Public School System
  • Other Developmental Disability Providers

Other types of services/activities include:  

  • Special Olympics
  • Holiday Parties
  • Transportation Services
  • Community Based Activities   


Work Development consumers receive job skills training in numerous areas of work secured from local industries such as:   

  • Assembly
  • Packing
  • Sorting
  • Quality Control  


The ADC/Work Development Center operated 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday.    

For more information on either Adult Development Center, please contact:  

Rhonda Jones, Director of ADC Services
7701 South Zero Street
Phone: 479-478-5450
Fax: 501-222-3275