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Bost Work Development is a light manufacturing operation specializing in small assembly fabrication and kitting opportunities.

We want to be your one stop resource for competitive pricing, dependability, flexibility and on time delivery while meeting your quality standards.  We can arrange pickup and delivery to meet your needs.

We have a dedicated work force that is skilled in areas of work demanded by local industry, including:

  • Kitting
    We kit a variety of parts for automotive, printing & publishing and manufacturing companies.  Our employees combine individual parts to complete a kit.
  • Sub-assembly
    We assemble a variety of product parts for packaging & kitting, from simple to complex tasks, for various industries, including automotive, rubber & plastics manufacturing, music, and furniture companies.
  • Packaging
    Our packaging capabilities include promotional items, screw kits, bottles, hose clamps, and more.  We fulfill all packaging needs whether through hand packaging with plastic backs or with our customized bagging machine.
  • Repackaging
    With repackaging, the current packaging is removed and replaced with the new customer-specified packaging.  This can include defacing, relabeling, placing in different boxes or bags.  Repackaging may be necessary if a product has been incorrectly packaged or if an inspection is required.
  • Quality Control
    Our quality control department will make certain your products leave our facility to your specifications.

Bost Work Development is proud to have partnered with more than 35 area companies, large and small. 

We provide a variety of packaging, sorting, light manufacturing, and assembly services.  Value added services, quality products, on-time delivery, and transportation are just a few of the ways Bost Work Development can serve you.  We understand your needs and want to be involved in your success.

Call us at 479-478-5642 or email to discuss your service needs or to request a quote.