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ArTs at Bost – Touching Lives

What can art do?

Art is more than paint on a canvas.  It has educational applications.  It teaches self-expression and communication, as well as mathematics.  It can also create an avenue for release, and a moment in time that belongs only to the individual creating the art.  The world falls away, along with the stress of everyday living.

  • Self-expression
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-regulation
  • Self-reliance


Health Benefits of Art

Art has many benefits and applications.  Art can be used in education, teaching mathematics, English, communication, and self-expression.  In addition, art has many health benefits.  Art creates the opportunity for artists to release pent up emotions, and to communicate in a manner that does not require written or spoken word.  It creates feelings of peace, calm, happiness, and fulfillment.  It may also boost feelings of self-esteem and self-worth.  There are also instances in which individuals who suffer from behavioral health disorders experience a temporary relief of symptoms while fully engaged in the practice of their art.  Some individuals report a decrease in stress and anxiety.  Whether you’re an artist or a patron of the arts, when you support the art community, you are supporting education, health, and well-being in others – you’re building a better community and a better future.

What can I do?


There are many ways in which to help sustain art activities.  Support could range from classes to supplies to an art exhibition.  You too can be a sponsor!

Donations in any amount are always greatly appreciated.

Please contact Laura Lewis at


What Art Means to Me
What art has shown me is that in spite of my visual issues that I have, I can still create something beautiful.  That means something to me.  Each week I am challenged to step outside my comfort zone, and try something I haven’t been able to do before.  I have learned through doing this that things are only scary until you face it down.  I hope through this I can inspire other people with visual issues to step out and try so they can create something beautiful, too.
Stephanie Kizziar