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ArTs at Bost has received a grant from the First United Methodist Foundation! The grant will allow us to offer adaptive tools to the ArTs program participants. All forms of art offer educational opportunities for students and access to adaptive tools to overcome limitations when creating different forms of art. This is beneficial in multiple ways – it increases engagement, confidence, and the artists learn transferable skills to use outside the classrooms. Adaptive tools can range from grasping tools to make drawing and painting easier to scented markers for those with visual impairment to distinguish between colors and accessible props and performance environments to ensure actors and audience members feel valued during a performance. Adaptive tools make it much more likely that artists with varying abilities can engage in all art making processes and can rely less on others to help them. This in turn creates more confidence and can help the artists become more independent in other areas of their lives. ArTs at Bost is so thankful to FUMC Foundation for providing us with the opportunity to provide these adaptive tools for our artists!

ArTs at Bost also attended the 6th annual DDS Fall Food and Craft Festival in Little Rock on Friday, October 7th. Twelve artists and Bost staff traveled to Little Rock to staff the ArTs at Bost booth – selling artwork and magnets made by individuals in the art classes provided by Bost each Thursday. 52 pieces of artwork were sold! When artists and staff were not working at the booth, they were able to visit other booths to purchase artworks from vendors and food trucks. There was also live music that all enjoyed dancing to.

ArTs at Bost then attended the Chaffee Crossing Farmers and Artisan Markets Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 8thin Fort Smith. Eighteen artist, Bost staff, and volunteers ran the ArTs at Bost booth, selling artwork as well as playing the carnival game “Junk in the Trunk” and passing out over 8 pounds of candy! When not working in the booth artists attended the rest of the festival – there were over 150 booths with vendors selling everything from beef jerky to handmade cutting boards. There was also a Star Wars parade, a dog-stume contest, Fort Smith.

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